The Example of D.L. Moody

How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? Romans 10:14

I love evangelism and anyone who knows anything about D.L. Moody knows that this man had a heart for the lost. He made a promise to God to witness to at least one person each day for every day that God would allow him to live on earth.  He was not only a preacher and author, but an evangelist extraordinaire. 

He was so honored that after his death the Chicago Bible Institute was renamed the Moody Bible Institute and the Chicago Avenue Church was renamed the Moody Church. All of this happened 10 years after his death, indicating just how many that he had impacted in his life. In his short 62 years on earth (1837-1899), he evangelized in China, Great Britain, and across the U.S. participating in the salvation of hundreds of thousands of souls.


One day, D.L. Moody made a spectacular pledge to God.  He pledged that he would witness to at least one person for Christ each day of his life. One night about 10 o’clock as he lay bed, he suddenly realized that he had not witnessed to anyone that day so he got out of bed, quickly dressed and headed out into the night during a heavy Chicago snowstorm.  He saw a man leaning against a lamppost and asked, “Are you a Christian?” The man flew into a rage and nearly decked Moody in his fierce anger. 

The man went to a local church elder and complained that Moody was doing more harm to Christianity than he was good.  The man complained to the elder about Moody’s tactics. Three months later, a man came pounding on his door late at night. It was the same man.  He said that ever since Moody had asked him about whether he was a Christian or not, he could not sleep and that he had no peace within himself. Moody led the man to Christ that very night.  This man later became one of the most zealous workers in any Sunday school program that the city of Chicago had ever known. 

What about me, I wondered?  I have tried to follow this and have failed miserably.  One day at work, I witnessed to about a dozen men in my attempts to try to make up for my own pledge to witness to at least one person a day.  The next day I got in trouble with the plant manager about this, even though it was during the lunch hour and work productivity was never affected.  Even so, it was worth it.  Maybe it’ll take three months for some to have it sink in, but it is always worth it.  To lead even one person to Christ is ultimately a reward that will never be measured for all eternity.

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